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Wellbeing Gallery

Currently showing each weekend in May, until sunday 25th from 12.00 til 16.00, in the Brighton Artists Open Houses in May at The Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre, 18-19 Western Rd, Brighton, BN3 1AE. http://www.thewellbeinggallery.com/?p=153

Finding your Compass: Pilot Film
Finding your Compass
The Story of the Music Hall
The Story of the Music Hall
This Green and Pleasant Land
This Green and Pleasant Land

A new film: DOGVANE, is now available for film festivals. dogvane (n): A small weather vane, sometimes improvised with a scrap of cloth, yarn or other light material, mounted on the side of a vessel within sight of the helmsman. Dogvane is a personal story, transformed into one that people will recognise as having a Read more


http://www.cieciura-desousa.co.uk/stage.html; Scroll down to images 10,11 and 12 for images of my projection and performance in the stalls, the audience were looking down from the upper circles.

Finding your Compass

Filming ‘Finding Your Compass’ at The Old Market.

Extend and Restrict, Experimental Live Art Event, at Onka Gallery Brighton

Here’s a film of the recent live art event I took part in; Extend and Restrict.


I am one of 5 artists taking part in a live art event at the Theatre Royal, Brighton, as part of an Out of Hours season. We are each responding to a verse of the poem by Emily Dickinson, “One need not be a chamber…” and making the work site specific. The 5 live artworks Read more

Extend and Restrict

Planning at Extend and Restrict, Experimental live art event, http://www.cieciura-desousa.co.uk/extendrestrict.html, Onka Gallery, Brighton 09/2013.

Trust for Future Health
Trust for Future Health

The Genius of Carl Faberge

Titles for ‘The Genius of Carl Faberge’ 90 minute documentary for BBC4 05/2013.

The Genius of Carl Faberge
The Genius of Carl Faberge

Erotikas, Jamaica

‘Wallpaper’ accepted into Erotikas Film Festival, Jamaica, 09/12.


Marina Tsartsara is performing alongside my projections in this audio-visual night, the projections are based on my new ‘Soft Furnishings’ film.

Soft Furnishings

Film performed by Marina Tsartsara, costume by Lisa Jansen.

British Animation Awards 9 DVD

‘Wallpaper’ is featured on British Animation Awards DVD 9. Available in BAA’s DVD Shop.

FIFA, Montreal
FIFA International Film Festival, Canada

FIFA International Festival of Films on Art, Montreal. ‘Wallpaper’ entered the 30th FIFA, a unique experience with my film being shown alongside FIFA’s specialty; art documentaries.

Trust for Future Health

I’ve just finished making a promotional film for The Trust for Future Health charity.


Unteriors.com designed with Sam Ratcliffe, I made a series of short films, here’s a still.

Public Choice Programme of the British Animation Awards

Featured in the Public Choice Programme of thewww.britishanimationawards.com. Screened in programme 2; Brighton Duke of York’s (and 23 other venues around the UK)
 Box Office: 0871 902 5728 www.picturehouses.co.uk. 
Prog 1: Sun 5th Feb, 12:40
Prog 2: Sun 12th Feb, 12:00. 
Prog 3: Sun 19th Feb, 11:00.

British Film Institute
NFT Screening

The NFT2 second screening on Sunday at the BFI London Film Festival, in the ‘International Animation Panorama Programme 2′.

NFT with Mike Bishop

Musician Mike Bishop and I, standing next to our poster at the National Film Theatre, UK.

ZINEBI 53 Screening, Spain

Wallpaper is being screened at film festival ZINEBI – Bilbao, which is in its 53rd year, on November 12nd at 22,30h in Golem, Alhóndiga (Auditorio). Further details about the festival can be found here. .

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