A lifelong involvement in dance leads Fiona to use the moving body in her work, combining ‘black screen’ or silhouette, with digital technology and post-production manipulation. She has video production, post-production and performance skills that she employs in the making of her work.

In the last few years Fiona has been co-directing Finding Your Compass, with Rosaria Gracia, a funded project with GP referred mental health participants. They use dance and drawing as recovery tools, leading to the artistic output of a film, for artistic and educational use, exhibited alongside drawings – http://www.findingyourcompass.co.uk.

Fiona continues to make her own work in Italy and the UK. She shows work at film festivals and produces site-specific pieces for gallery exhibition and projection onto architecture.

She delivers occasional lectures and workshops at universities, sixth-form college and conferences.

Fiona was awarded a distinction for her ‘MA Art and Design by Independent Project’ at University of Brighton in September 2009 and has a BA in Performance Art (Contemporary Dance).

Fiona has worked as a Picture Editor and Network Presentation Director at Channel 4 and is now, freelance, making occasional title sequences and motion graphics and for BBC and Channel 4.