Two new paper cut/live action films ‘Secreto’ and ‘Fusión’ are now available for exhibitions. They were made as part of the ‘Draw To Perform’ exhibition. Please contact me for a private link and password. 


My new film ‘Coalescence’ is finished.  Coalescence; To unite so as to form one mass. It is the fusing of molten particles. To fuse or cause to grow together. To come together for a single purpose. It is currently password protected for screenings and film festivals. Please get in touch for more information.

ZINEBI 53 Screening, Spain

Wallpaper is being screened at film festival ZINEBI – Bilbao, which is in its 53rd year, on November 12nd at 22,30h in Golem, Alhóndiga (Auditorio). Further details about the festival can be found here.

BFI Film Festival, UK

I have been selected for the short animation section of the BFI Film Festival 2011. Screening information can be found here for the 18th and 23rd October 2011.